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Wood And Boimax Fuel Fired BoilerBIOMAX

Wood And Boimax Fuel Fired Boiler

The BIOMAX boiler with its high performance modern styling confirms to the most exacting standards of safety, performance and efficiency. This boiler is manufactured with the latest engineering techniques, for burn biomass agro fuel. The most critical parts used in BIOMAX are the best in the world by any standards for biomass fuel.
The performance of BIOMAX depends not only on your own alertness and on familiarity with the boiler and its components, but on its mechanical installation, running attention, and maintenance as well. Our efficient, highly qualified specially trained service personnel are available for guidance during in installation, operation and maintenance of this boiler.

Capacities: From 1 TPH to 10 TPH.
Pressure: From 10.54 to 21.0 Kg/cm2
Firing fuels: baggasse, wood logs / wood chips, husk, biomass fuels, etc.

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