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Electric Heater fired Steam BoilerELECTROMAX

Electric Heater fired Steam Boiler

PRODUCTS FEATURES: - Using imported ceramic electric heating pipes, Zero pollution, no noise, environment friendly, Surface low load, long life and low efficiency reached 99%.
- Reducing load and load level design, steady load regulation, minimize the impact on power.
- with time and temperature control module, can be designed according to user's requirements For temperature and switch time.
- with high and low water levels, short circuit, overload, leakage, phase and voltage abnormalities Multiple protections, to ensure foolproof security home.
- with stainless steel tube of electric heating technology, high mechanical strength, heat resistance, Good chemical resistance, small size with a separate flange, easy maintenance (metal heating tube). .
Capacities From 1 TPH to 2 TPH.
Pressure: From 10.54 to 21.0 Kg/cm2
Firing fuels: Electrical power.

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