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Reciprocating Step Grate Furnace Steam Boiler

Reciprocating Step Grate Furnace Steam Boiler

The COMBIPOWER-RGS boiler is a hybrid water wall membrane panel boiler, which combines the best of both technologies-water tube and smock tube. The COMBIPOWER-RSG is specially designed to operate on biomass fuel. It is high performance and automatic reciprocating step grate furnace systems confirms to the most exacting standards of safety, performance and efficiency. This boiler is manufactured with the latest engineering techniques, modern production equipment and with the expertise of highly skilled engineers and workers. The most critical parts used in COMBIPOWER-RSG are the best in the world by any standards.

PRODUCTS High capacity heating system
FEATURES Multi-fuel option
Rugged - requires very little maintenance
User - friendly systems.
Capacities From 2 TPH to 10 TPH as STD offerings; from 12 to 20 TPH as Customized offerin
Pressure: 10.54 to 21.0 Kg/cm2
Firing fuels: Low and high calorific value coal, Saw Dust, Husk, Crushed Briquette, Wood Chips

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